What is the difference between Rugs and Carpets?

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Date 2022-02-23 00:14

For this once we want to tell you about handmade carpets. You probably know that handmade rugs are different from carpets. We talked a lot about rugs, and now - a little about carpets.

Carpets (known in some countries as kilim) differ from rugs mainly in knitting techniques. Rugs are created with knots, and carpets are created without knots. In the case of carpets, the thread is not knotted at the base. It is strung in special rows on the base without cutting, without tying, creating simple and intricate patterns with smooth transitions.

The carpet has no pile, it is thinner than a rug, lightweight and, very importantly, both sides of the carpet are mainly applicable.
Experts say that the carpet is the "ancestor" of the rug. 

Carpet can be laid on the floor, hung on the wall, some also use it as a thick tablecloth, blanket, etc.
Carpet and carpeting fabrics occupy a large place in the everyday life of the Armenian people. They served different purposes and had different names.

There are different types of Armenian carpets: mezar, jejim, matnakash (double-sided), shulal, straight ogachit, oblique ogachit, fringe, etc.
The company "Artsakh carpet" mainly has "matnakash" double-sided, that is, carpets that can be used on both sides. This type of carpet is the most practical.

The photos show the carpets produced by our company, which look very nice in the interior.
We can only remind you that a wide range of handmade carpeting is presented in the Yerevan hall "Artsakh Carpet", shopping center "Tashir", 4th floor.
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