Carpets that grant fertility

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Date 2022-02-23 07:12

If you study Armenian applied art, needlework or are interested in them, then by all means you must have heard that Armenian carpet weaving has deep roots, has an interesting history of development and traditions.

Most Armenian carpets have their own history. Many of them have semantic symbols, some of them contain a code "message".
We will tell you a little story about carpets named "Nshagorg".

Nshagorg is one of the most symbolic varieties of Armenian carpets.
There is a very beautiful legend associated with the mentioned carpets. Apart from the fact that they are extremely beautiful, in ancient Armenia they were treated with "great trepidation". People believed that such carpets brought good to the house, young women and those who got married - the joy of motherhood. This explains the fact that a girl's dowry must have such a carpet. And what is even more symbolic, such a carpet should have been woven by a girl preparing for marriage.

Numerous symbols of fertility, motherhood and new life are consistently depicted on the carpet. And these patterns necessarily depict the Tree of Life, which is a symbol of longevity. On the carpet you can see images of little people - a symbol of love, motherhood, fertility and life.

In ancient Armenia, it was believed that these carpets have a miraculous property - they treat infertility. In this regard, there is an interesting tradition. If the spouses have not had children for a long time, a carpet was knitted for them with the symbols of fertility, motherhood, the Tree of Life, little men and others. And they also often knitted blessings on the carpet.

This carpet should be woven by a woman - a relative from the bride's side, kind, pious, happily married and having healthy children. While working on the carpet, the woman had to say good wishes all the time, sing songs, tell good stories, in a word, give the carpet positive energy and a piece of her happiness, and the carpet, in turn, should be given to the woman - for whom this carpet is intended. At the end of the work, a barren woman lies down on the floor at the carpet weaving machine, women and girls gather and, while singing and praying, cut the threads holding the carpet on the machine, so that it falls on the body of the woman at the machine.

All the positive energy of the carpet is transferred to the woman, and she is ready for fertilization and motherhood.

This is one of the very beautiful traditions of Armenian carpet weaving. There are many similar stories and traditions that we will periodically introduce to you.

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