Payment and Delivery

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Payments on the website are carried out through the banking systems Visa, Mastercard and ArCa.

The sale is carried out in Armenian drams(AMD), American dollars(USD), Еuros(EUR) and Russian rubles(RUB).

International delivery is carried out through the express delivery service "ONEX", CJSC "HAYPOST" or the Armenian office of "DHL WORLDWIDE EXPRESS".

On the territory of the Republic of Armenia, if the goods are up to 20 kg, delivery is carried out through CJSC "HAYPOST", and weight more than 20 kg, an individual approach is applied, agreed in advance with the buyer.

The amount of goods presented on the website does not include the cost of delivery. By choosing the country of delivery, the buyer will see the cost of the shipping. The price indicated on the site has nothing to do with customs clearance or any other payments in the country of the buyer. If an additional customs clearance fee is charged in the buyer's country, then has nothing to do with it.

After confirming the purchase or order by the buyer on the website,when the money for the goods transfers at our bank account,the order is sent to the delivery service in Yerevan within three working days(the choice of the delivery company and other issues are discussed with the customer in advance, both before and after placing the order, we will be happy to answer all the customer's questions).
A copy of the delivery receipt is sent by us to the customer, who can also follow the tracking and delivery schedule of the item.

The buyer understands and agrees that in case of problems arising during the delivery of the purchased items, is not responsible. We inform you that there have never been any problems with the delivery of our products.

Carpets are sent to the customer folded,packed in the form of a parcel.